A beach recreation area

The beach is a relatively smooth surface of the shore of any lake, sea, ocean, formed by its erosion by water and wind. Because this place is very attractive for recreational purposes, the term beach is used as a place of mass recreation, swimming and taking sun and air baths. Everyone dreams to spend at least a couple days of vacation at the beach. This beach is equipped with appropriate equipment. Beach has a life-saving station, as well as a first-aid. Since clearing the beach and the support of a satisfactory sanitary condition requires a certain cost, entry to these beaches is paid or the entrance to them is limited to a certain contingent of authorized persons. If this is the beach at the hotel, then it is allowed entry to all hotel guests. Naturally formed at the beach protects the coast from further destruction, weakening the force of surf waves as it advanced through the shallow water. When the direction of the wave is not perpendicular to the shore, there is a drift of sand or gravel along the coastline. To save the beach is often a system of piers stretching out into the sea from the coastline. Beaches are divided into sand and shingle. The surface layer of sandy beach on land and partly in the water is out of the sand. The surface layer shingle beach consists of small seashells and sand resulting in the destruction of shells waves. Vacation spent on a good beach will give a lot of impressions. There determine a claim to the beaches. Before taking a rest, it is necessary to survey and clean the bottom of the sea in the area of ​​ swimming, to protect these zone dans, to allocate space for bathing children. Bottom must be cleared not only from domestic and sharp debris, but also on the sharp stones, algae and silt. The beach must be clean sand, changing rooms, showers and toilets. Also need to install benches, chairs and other attributes of a beach vacation. Cafes and bars must be located on the beach. Volleyball court should be located on the beach. You can enjoy the sun and the sea in full only on a good beach.