Medicinal properties of sea water

Thousands of tourists spend their holidays at sea. They come to the sea in order to recharge, power and to cure various diseases. Thalassotherapy is the section of clinical medicine that studies the properties of the seaside climate, water, seaweed, sea mud and other marine products and their mechanisms of action on the human body for therapeutic and prophylactic use. The term thalassotherapy introduced in 1867 by French physician de la Bonnarder from the small town of Arcachon on the coast of the Bay of Biscay Atlantic Ocean. Currently, thalassotherapy is one of the leading treatment and rehabilitation of many of the world resorts. Since ancient times, sea, water and the vast ocean attracted people. Its grandeur and power, they instilled fear in people, while the belief in the existence in the deep-sea mystic power. English were progenitors of thalassotherapy. The English physician Charles Russell in 1750 in his dissertation recommended drinking much water, swimming in the sea and eating seafood to be healthy. University physicians for asthma, nervousness and even tuberculosis recommend swimming in the seas. Thalassotherapy is not just swimming; it is a combination of therapeutic application of all the factors that are influenced by the sea: climate, sea water, algae, estuaries and sea mud. Thalassotherapy has a wide range sanogenetic effects: on the treatment of chronic diseases to prevention and restoration of health reserves. Greek physician Hippocrates recommended in 350 BC for the healing lotion with sea water at pains in the bones, drink sea water when indigestion and swimming in the sea in case of wounds and skin diseases. All the vital micronutrients during bathing absorbed through the skin and inhaled in the form of ions. It results in irritation of the nerve endings of the skin and the respiratory tract, causing numerous responses from various organs and systems, thus improving the metabolism, trains the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, increases vitality. The beach must be equipped with everything necessary. The dan must be installed on the beach. Then the vacation will be enjoyable and safe. Patients with hypertension, asthma feel the sea to facilitate breathing, because the sea much of the oxygen ions and ozone. Explain the presence of ozone and the fact that sea air is not microbes, since ozone kills them. Beneficial impact on the sea affects the human nervous system. Calming effect of lapping waves and the rustle of pebbles, cool water is remarked while swimming. Even the color of the sea and coastal vegetation has an impact on our health. Vacation at the sea will bring a lot of bright impressions and will be helpful for health.