Rules of conduct on the water

Who does not love to swim? Adults and children are eagerly waiting for a vacation to swim and get pleasure from it. Swimming is not only very enjoyable but also health-promoting exercise. Swimming is a popular entertainment. Swimming may take place in natural bodies of water - the ocean, sea, river, lake, pond, and in vitro - a pool or bathtub. Swimming, though not applicable to extreme experiences, fraught with a certain degree of risk, there are cases of drowning swimmers, so rescuers give the public through the media specific recommendations on safe behavior on the water, and in many organized beaches are imposed rules of behavior on the water. Tourists should not be on an organized beach and swim for the dans as well as hold on to them, and on the informal beach - sail far from shore. Parents and other caregivers should not allow children to swim without adult supervision, swimmer. The dans consists of a float is fastened to the bottom with an anchor on the cable. In case of application for the protection zone navigation dans are installed at some distance from the shore and at a certain distance between them. The dans are set so as to ensure sufficient space for bathing water exercises, but at the same time limit the depth of the zone and make swimming accessible to rescuers. The dans are placed closer to the shore on children's beach, the adults - far from it. Sometimes the swimming area (especially if it is a zone bathing children) may be limited to a cable installed on the floating dan. Swim over the ropes is prohibited. Buoys mostly red but used other colors. There are a number of other rules of conduct on the water. For example, you may not swim up to the motor, sailing craft, rowing boats and other boats, jumping from unsuitable for this purpose structures in water. You should not clog and pollute the water and the surrounding area. You should not swim in a storm. This is very dangerous. If you feel unwell, it is best to refrain from swimming too. The sun may overheat this. Extreme caution should be taken during swimming at night - preferably in a well-lit area and with friends. You should not travel by boat, motorboat, scooter, where many swimmers, but if it is necessary to save lives - at low speed.