Swimming as a method of movement

Each of us likes to swim in the sea or ocean, while on vacation. For many, it is kind of sport. Swimming is a way of movement of biological organisms in the aquatic environment. Often in the sea can be seen jellyfish. All of the jellyfish is of free-although many of them often move passively in the water, along with the current, almost at the same time not spending their own energy. Jellyfish beached can often be seen on the beach. Perhaps, the best swimmers who are not afraid to swim for dans are fish. In the course of evolution in fishes has evolved specific system, allowing them to carry out the movement and adjust its position in the environment. Reducing the muscle tendons are united with a backbone carries out swimming fish. Many tourists like diving on vacation. The underwater world is full of unusual creatures. You can meet the creatures belonging to the order of cephalopods. Most of the cephalopods (octopus, cuttlefish, squid) can be used for motion of the jet of water, which they release from the mantle cavity through the funnel. Oxygenated water into the mantle cavity through the gills and excreted from the body muscular contractions of the mantle cavity at the end of the respiratory cycle. Many mammals, conducting most of his life in the water, great swim and dive in search of food in the water column and on the bottom. For many of them characterized by the presence of swimming webbing between the toes, thick fur, and high to head the eyes, ears and nostrils. Rudder when swimming and diving in the water is usually a long tail. Dolphins are the favorites of tourists. They are extremely agile and a penchant for gameSwimming as a method of movements in the water element of other relatives. Herds of dolphins close to the ships at sea, circling around them, constantly dive and return to the surface. Water lifestyle is all representatives of five groups of birds. The man is also a big fan of swimming. Man knows swimming since time immemorial. The first written reference dates back to 2000 BC. er. Figures on archaeological finds indicate that people in ancient Egypt, Assyria, Phoenicia, and in many other countries were able to swim for several millennia before our era, and they know how to swim resembled the modern front crawl and breaststroke. A man, unlike many animals, is not given the swimming ability by nature. Humans, however, learned this on own - possibly watching the animals with an innate ability to swim. Water has become a way of relaxation for the person. Swimming was the sport also. Swimming is a sport, is to overcome the swim in the shortest time of various distances. There are different styles of swimming. Any vacation is not complete without diving into the sea or swimming pool. This is a great way to relax and gain strength at the same time.